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Exhaust - Gerrick's Custom Exhaust and Auto Repair in Phoenix, AZAre you looking around Phoenix, AZ for custom exhaust shop service? Look no more! Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust has everything you need from transmission, brake, alternator, and engine repair, to everything else you could possibly imagine from our expert mechanics. We get a lot of business from repeat customers and word of mouth here, because we pride ourselves on reproducing quality service time and time again. We will customize your exhaust the way you like it here, so stop by today! Check out our Custom Exhaust page for more information.


Looking for good deals and discounts? We have them at our custom exhaust location, for all sorts of services. Are you in the military? I have personally spent five years as an active duty Army soldier, and thus I always give discounts to fellow military men. This also includes the spouses of military personnel. The inspections and estimates here are free! This includes a free check engine light scan! Come great some great deals on more than custom exhaust, get deals on brakes, engines, transmission, you name it!

Some of the Services that we Offer

  • Custom Exhaust
  • Catalytic Converter Repair
  • Headlight & Taillight Service
  • Motor Mount
  • Manifold Gasket fixing
  • Fuel Filter Replacement
  • Suspension System
  • Wheel Bearing Service
  • Flowmaster Distributor
  • Brake Pads

Schedule An Appointment

Just give our custom exhaust shop repair in Phoenix, AZ a call! I am sometimes at the shop later than usual, and I may be able to set you up an appointment outside of the usual hours. If you need work done on your suspension system, your brakes, your alternator or engine, or your you name it… I will probably be here ready to provide you with the services you require for your car to function smoothly. I am here for you and your vehicle!

We do tune-ups, brakes, water pumps… our mechanics do everything, but we specialize in custom exhaust! Flowmaster to Magnaflow, custom bent exhaust from headers or manifold. You can adjust the tones or sound levels from mild to wild. If you have already bought a kit, we can install it, welded or clamped. Here at the Phoenix, AZ Custom Exhaust Service Shop we provide Lifetime Warranty On Pipes, Hangers, Mufflers, and Welds.

By Jeff Gerrick



Why Choose Us

Custom Exhaust Service in Phoenix, AZ

ge13Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance, and our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result of this, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals looking for repair & replacement service for their auto or car. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry, here in Phoenix, AZ’s own Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust Repair. Call us! Chances are I am at the shop after normal hours. I might be able to schedule an appointment with you after normal hours, so call to ask.

Services We Provide

Auto Repair Services

ge5No matter what service or repair you are looking for, we probably have it available at Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust Service in Phoenix, AZ. Whether it’s your catalytic converter, alternator, tailpipe, chrome tips, or whatever else that needs to be repaired, we can do it! Inspection and estimates, including check engine light scans, are always free. So why not come down and take advantage of our great services today?

Repair & Replacement Services:

Military Discount, Lifetime Warranties, Etc.

ge9Are you a military man or woman? I always give military discounts. Repeat Customers and Referrals make up a lot of our business, as we make sure to treat our customers and their needs with the utmost importance; we provide the best in Phoenix.

We offer lifetime warranties on welds, mufflers, pipes, and hangers. Also, be sure to call us anytime you need repairs or services performed on your car, as I may be able to setup an appointment outside of normal hours at the auto shop. I am here for your vehicle. Come to the Phoenix, AZ Custom Exhaust Repair Shop!

Custom Exhaust Specialists

Custom Exhaust Work & Repairs

custom-exhaustAre you looking for exhaust repair? Why not come to our custom exhaust shop right here in town? Exhaust problems should never be put off too long, as they could cause not only damage to your car, but serious damage to your health! Because the exhaust system is under your car, it has to endure a lot of the damage from bad road conditions, and is prone to wearing down (especially on older cars). Come by today to get it taken care of!

More Info About Our Shop

Your exhaust takes all the combustable gases away from the engine after filtering through the catalytic converter. It also greatly muffles the sound of your engine pistons firing.

Because of the pride we take in our workmanship, and because we put the utmost importance on repairing people’s cars, most of our service comes from referrals and repeat customers! We have the finest repairs in town on things such as battery and custom exhaust. Our Exhaust Service in Phoenix, AZ offers not just fine repairs, but we also offer military discounts!

And be sure to come by this Phoenix, AZ Exhaust Service Shop anytime for your custom exhaust needs or other, such as battery repair! Whether you need a head gasket to be fixed, or work done on your car’s air conditioning, I am here for your vehicle! Just give me a call.