3 Signs Your Exhaust Isn’t Functioning Properly

exhaustYour exhaust plays an important role in your car; it removes combustion products and gases out of the engine and reduces noise, smoke, and pollutant quantities that would otherwise be released into the environment. It’s not always easy to tell if your exhaust isn’t working right unless the warning light comes on. Here are 3 signs that you might need to take it into the shop:

1- It suddenly becomes much louder:

There are more than a few potential causes of a loud exhaust; the most likely of which are holes in your muffler or a clogged muffler. If your exhaust suddenly gets much louder, take it in for repairs; a faulty exhaust can drastically reduce your car’s performance.

2- Your car suddenly uses more gas per mile:

If you start having to fill up your gas every few days out of nowhere, it’s probably caused by an exhaust leak. Every day you wait to get your exhaust repaired, you’re throwing money down the drain for extra gas.

3- Vibrating car and frequent loss of power:

If you feel vibrations when you touch the steering wheel, gas pedal, or brakes, it might be a fault in your exhaust system. The same goes for if your car’s power suddenly shuts off. In either of these cases, take your car to the shop immediately. 

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