Brake Fluid Flush And Service Shop

Photo of brake fluid flushAre you concerned that your brake system is having problems? Brakes are essential for safe and secure vehicle operations. If your brakes are off, it could be hazardous to you, your passengers, and other cars. Worse yet, if your brakes are not serviced regularly they may go out altogether. At Gerrick Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair, we perform maintenance and brake fluid flush services for vehicles of all makes and models. We also offer ABS Brake Replacement. If you are looking for brake fluid flush services in Phoenix, AZ, call us at (602) 689-7326 today!

Brake Fluid Flush Service

Many people are unsure if brake fluid flushes are necessary. We are here to tell you they absolutely are! Over the course of time, parts wear down, such as calipers or wheel cylinders deteriorate. When they do, bits of grime and refuse can begin swimming in your brake fluid. Being exposed to the elements, brake fluid can also have moisture or rust invade, creating a build up in the system and making your vehicle take longer to stop. 

Brake fluid flush service allows new fluid to replace the older, contaminated fluid, restoring your vehicle’s stopping power and increasing the life of your brakes. Our technicians perform this service to assist with your vehicle’s maintenance and can include tune-up services. Give Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair a call today at (602) 689-7326 for your brake fluid flush service in Phoenix, AZ!