Fuel Pump Repair

fuel pumpYou should hear a sound coming from your gas tank; this indicates that your fuel pump is turning on. If you don’t hear this, then that means it is not turning on. Electrical pumps have replaced mechanical ones, since the carburetor was replaced by the fuel injection system, and more fuel pressure was necessary. Hence, electrical fuel pumps provide around five times the pressure as the old mechanical ones, if not more. When you need fuel pump repair in Phoenix, AZ, call Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair at (602) 689-7326.

Signs of Fuel Pump Failure

Your fuel pump is a hardworking and important part of your engine. It sends fuel to the engine regularly to keep your car moving. However, when it breaks down, it gets harder and harder to send gas up to your engine. When it ceases functioning, your vehicle will not be able to run. Some signs of imminent failure are hesitant starts, bucking or power loss when you step on the gas, and a whining sound. 

If you need service or replacement of any kind, we are the place to visit. Our technicians can complete any auto repair or service, from fluid leak repairs to water pump and radiator replacement. We offer many discounts available online and in store, including a military discount to honor those who serve or have served. Give us a call today at (602) 689-7326 for fuel pump repair in Phoenix, AZ.