Magnaflow Distribution

MagnaFlow DistributorLooking to install a new exhaust system on your vehicle? MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust sells after-market quality exhaust parts. As the MagnaFlow distributor for Phoenix, AZ, Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust is available for performance exhaust installation on any make and model of vehicle. We pride ouselves on our high quality workmanship. Our auto technicians are experts on performance exhaust systems. If you are seeking a MagnaFlow distributor in Phoenix, AZ, call us today at (602) 689-7326!

Magnaflow Distributor &  Exhaust Systems

MagnaFlow provides exhaust systems and catalytic converters that provide the best performance and style on the market. When people hear the name MagnaFlow, they think of that low aggressive rumble that comes from the exhaust. With their exhaust system, you receive the total package. Your vehicle will get that low growl and increase in performance you were seeking. This company has become synonymous with high quality.

As the MagnaFlow distributor for the area, we offer installation, repair, and replacement services for car owners in the area. We know that excellent customer service and product are the best way to run a business, which is why we work with MagnaFlow. We offer lifetime warranties on mufflers, pipes and welds for your convenience. Give us a call today at (602) 689-7326 for installation from Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair, your MagnaFlow distributor in Phoenix, AZ.