Radiator Replacement

Have you noticed any coolant leaking from your vehicle? Radiators are used to cool down the engine to keep it from overheating. Coolant is circulated from the engine and back to the radiator, where it is cooled back down, and sent back to the engine. If your radiator is leaking coolant, it may be time for a replacement. Give Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair at (602) 689-7326 for your radiator replacement. 

Your Engine’s Overheating Safe Guard

radiator replacementThe radiator and your water pump work in tandem for the benefit of your engine. Your water pump shoots coolant into the engine, keeping it from overheating and allowing it to run perfectly. Your radiator collects all the coolant and removes the heat from it, allowing the coolant to be reused. However, when your radiator breaks down and leaks coolant, it prevents your engine from getting the relief it needs from the extreme heat generated in the combustion process. This affects your water pump, gaskets, and other mechanisms, causing them to break down. 

Radiators commonly break by having their tank crack. This causes the initial leak. Your coolant will appear to be a red, yellow, or green liquid oozing from your vehicle. If you notice this liquid at all, it is time for a service appointment. 

Radiator Service Shop

Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair is your local auto repair shop. Our auto technicians are experienced with many makes and models and give only the best customer service. Repeat Customers and Referrals make up a high percentage of our business. We provide top-quality workmanship and take pride in it! Our business honors military with discounts for their vehicle service. Call us today at (602) 689-7326 for radiator replacement in Phoenix, AZ.