Manifold Catalytic Converter Replacement

When the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter are combined it is known as a manifold catalytic converter. Many cars with four or six cylinders utilize these on modern cars. These systems are very efficient, but can break down if not properly maintained. If you need a repair mechanic to provide you with replacement service, then come to Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust today! We will provide you with all of the auto and car repairs you will need. Call (602) 689-7326 today for manifold catalytic converter repair or replacement in Phoenix, AZ. 

Manifold Catalytic Converter Repair Shop

Photo of manifold catalytic converterWhile an efficient exhaust system, the problem with these sort of systems is that of any catalytic converter and manifold system. When a catalytic converter goes down, it can cause nasty smells and even damage your engine. Your exhaust manifold can also create bad smells but can also be a fire hazard. If it fails it can melt plastic internal engine parts. When your manifold catalytic converter goes out, make sure you get your vehicle to your local auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Are you experiencing things like exhaust leaks, contaminated coolants, busted radiator, or suspension bouncing? Our auto technicians can get your vehicle up and running. We offer a variety of discounts for your auto repair, including a military discount. Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair can take care of all of your exhaust and auto repair needs. Give us a call today at (602) 689-7326 for your manifold catalytic converter replacement in Phoenix, AZ.