Serpentine Belt Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Do you hear an irritating squeal coming from your engine every time you drive? It is time for serpentine belt service! Serpentine belts are important for the transfer of power and how your vehicle is run. Ignoring the squealing noise can lead to complete failure later and a dangerous situation for your and your car. Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair can get your serpentine belt replaced and your vehicle back on the road before you know it. Call (602) 689-7326 to speak with our expert auto technicians today about your serpentine belt replacement in Phoenix, AZ!

Why Serpentine Belts Are Important

Photo of serpentine beltSerpentine belts, sometimes called drive belts, are what keep your engine running. They shift power and commands around to different parts of the engine, connecting them all. When it begins to wear down, it causes the squeaking noise that occurs loudly when you start and use your car. For normal service on these, your mechanic will typically take a look at the same time as an oil change.

If you do not get this piece serviced and it wears or breaks down, failure can cause many smaller failures within the engine. Your alternator will not be able to charge your battery. This can lead to massive electrical problems and even to the electrical system stopping all together. Power steering will go, which will make it difficult to steer your car. While this system is not noticeable when it is in function, once power steering does fail turning your wheel can become a daunting task.

The last thing affected by a serpentine belt failure is your water pump. This pump distributes coolant into your system. If it does not, your engine overheats and can cease functioning. Preventing these problems are why it is imperative that when your serpentine belt begins squealing.

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