Suspension System

Photo of Suspension SystemThe suspension system is made up of many parts and pieces that give you a safe and stable ride. The most commonly noted of these are the shocks and struts, however there are just two parts of the whole system. This allows you to give commands from your steering wheel to the wheels themselves. When this system fails, your car becomes completely unmanageable and can be hazardous to you and other drivers on the road. Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair is your local auto repair shop. If you need vehicle suspension system work in Phoenix, AZ, call (602) 689-7326 today for Gerrick’s Custom. 

Suspension Failure Indication

When you go for a drive, listen to your car. Keep the music low and roll down a window. Make sure you make personal note of any odd noises you may hear and from which location they came from. A few audible indications of suspension problems are knocking, clanking, and rotational noises emanating from beneath the vehicle while driving. Rotational noises tend to grow louder depending on speed.

A common way to check a car for suspension failure is the bounce test. When your vehicle is stationary and has some time to cool down, place your hands safely on the seam that lines up with the hood and the fender. Once you have bounced your car, there are two possible outcomes. The first outcome, the bounce and then stop when level, indicates your suspension is OK. The second, the repeated bounce, is a sign that your suspension needs service.

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