Water Pump Replacement

photo of water pump replacementYour water pump is critical to your engine performing. This important piece of equipment distributes coolant throughout your engine. It is the reason you can operate your vehicle without the threat of overheating or having to replace the engine. If your water pump fails, the damage could be catastrophic. Our auto technicians available for your vehicle repair! When servicing your water pump, we can complete your coolant and fluid exchange at the same time. Give Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair for water pump replacement in Phoenix, AZ today: (602) 689-7326!

Signs For Water Pump Replacement

Before taking your vehicle out for a drive, look around the ground underneath and the engine itself. Check for coolant leaks. Coolant leaks occur when your gaskets and seals break down, causing a leak. When driving your car, keep an ear out for a sort of whining noise. This could indicate that your water pump pulleys have a loose belt or that a bearing is going bad. If your bearings fail, you will require a complete replacement of your water pump.

Always keep an eye on your temperature gauge on your dashboard. This will tell you how the engine is running, be it hot, cold, or just right. When your engine overheats, the water pump may not be circulating coolant properly. The best thing to do is stop the car. Once you’re pulled over, check your radiator for steam. Steam is a clear and indisputable sign of overheating. If any of these water pump failure signs arise within your vehicle, take it to your local auto shop immediately. 

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