Custom Exhaust Shop in Phoenix

Having a custom exhaust system installed is about more than just looks. Although, to be fair, when you have in installed here at Gerrick’s Custom in Phoenix, that’s a happy byproduct. But more than just looking great, a custom exhaust system can help increase the performance of you car or truck.

When we install a new or custom setup, it allows more fresh air to be drawn in by the motor. More air means a cooler combustion, and by making the engine exert less effort to expel the exhaust gasses, it can work harder, easier!

Our custom exhaust jobs can give your car that great, one of a kind look and sound. If you’re looking for an addition to you car that both looks great and has noticeable affects on performance, then you should come in to Gerrick’s Custom. Give us a call! We even install exhaust kits you’ve already bought!