Great Apps for Drivers

Life without a cell phone is difficult to imagine given how dependent we have become on them. With the help apps, our lives become easier to manage. And now, driving apps have become increasingly popular because they make commuting a little easier. Check out these 3 awesome driving apps!


waze-300x300Traffic is every driver’s worst nightmare. With Waze, you can get real-time traffic and turn-by-turn navigation while you are driving. This app relies on crowd-sourced traffic information from fellow motorists so that you can outsmart traffic and take the quickest route.


hinkIf you live in or around an urban area, chances are you use a parking meter from time to time. The worse thing about parking meters is forgetting to refill them and having to pay parking fine as a result. Let Honk remember for you! This simple to use app alerts you before your meter expires. Just put in the amount of time on your meter and the number of minutes prior to expiring that you want the alarm to sound. The app also features GPS so that it can plot the coordinates of your car so that you will never forget where you parked ever again.


gasbuddyKnow the price of gas BEFORE you get to the pump. This app allows you to find the cheapest gas prices in your area. It will bring up a list gas prices and there location. Sort them by price, distance, fuel grade, and fuel type. You can use the money you saved using GasBuddy to buy a cup of coffee.

So go ahead and give these apps a test drive, they may end up being a valuable tool for you!