O2 / Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Most cars made today have two oxygen or O2 sensors. One is placed near the engine, the “upstream” sensor, and the other is place along the exhaust after the catalytic converter. As a pair, they can measure the level of pollutants in your exhaust both before it passes through your catalytic converter, and after. This information is sent to the car’s computer which analyzes it to ensure your car is running efficiently.

In order to get correct readings, both oxygen sensors must be working properly. If you’re in need of replacement O2 sensors in Phoenix, bring your car or truck by Gerrick’s Custom. We are the best in Phoenix when it comes to anything and everything having to do with exhaust and mufflers.

emission problems are one of the most common causes for check engine lights to come one, and a bad O2 sensor is often why.

Don’t let a bad oxygen sensor fail your emissions test. It can hurt your car’s MPG and performance, so bring it to Gerrick’s Custom at the first sign of trouble!