O2 Sensors and You

What does an O2 / Oxygen Sensor do?

heatedo2sensor-300x176O2 / Oxygen Sensors may remind you of wired spark plugs, but the two serve very different functions in your vehicle.  These finger-sized sensors monitor the level of oxygen present in the fuel mixture entering and exiting the catalytic converter.

If the vehicle is performing sub-optimally, the O2 / Oxygen Sensors send a signal to the vehicle’s computer to adjust the mixture to run more “lean” (which means there is too much oxygen present in the readings) or more “rich” (which adds more fuel to the ratio, reducing the level of oxygen present in the readings).

What can I do if my O2 / Oxygen Sensor is failing?

If one or both of these sensors is out of order, it’s enough to trip your Check Engine light and could put a serious dent in your vehicle’s fuel economy… burning extra money over time at the pump.  It’s serious enough to cause your vehicle to fail mandatory emissions tests!  If your check engine light is on, or you’ve noticed a difference in the fuel economy of your vehicle, it’s time to visit Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust & Auto Repair!

Naturally, if the trouble turns out to be related to a different problem, we would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry, here in Phoenix, AZ’s own Gerrick’s Custom Exhaust Repair.  Pick up the phone and call (602) 689-7326 NOW!