Signs You May Need to Change Your Brake Pads

woman-160342_150It’s easy to forget that when you’re driving, you’re piloting a multiple ton mass of metal hurdling at breakneck speeds. Your brakes are the only things keeping destruction in check. It’s important to keep them maintained for your and others safety. Here are some signs they may need to be replaced:

Your pads are worn:

This one is obvious; if your pads are worn then they need to be replaced. Checking for worn pads is as easy as looking between the spokes of your wheels; find the shiny metal rotor inside and then look at the outer edge for the caliper. Between the rotor and caliper are the brake pads. They should generally be a quarter inch thick. If they have eroded beyond that, it’s time to get them changed.

You hear a high-pitched squeal:

A tiny tool in your braking system produces a high-pitched squeal when the brake pads need replacing. Make sure to stop blasting the radio every once in a while to check if this sound is being made.

Your car pulls to the right or left:

This could be, among other things, a problem with your braking system. If you notice your car beginning to pull to one side, have it inspected immediately.

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