Where do the Safest Drivers Live?

Allstate has been collecting data about the rate of auto accidents in cities all over America for the last 9 years. Each year, they take that data and use it to determine which city’s residents are the safest drivers. Well the 2013 version has just been released, and, for the third time, Fort Collins, CO claims the top spot in the contest.

On top of getting the title of safest city for drivers, Fort Collins is a building a bit of a dynasty in terms of safe driving. Since the inception of the competition, they have never finished outside the top ten – an impressive feat. On average, drivers in Fort Collins have about 14 years in between accidents, which is just over 28% fewer than the national average. Compare that to Washington D.C. who came in last with just 4.8 years in between accidents.


Some level of disparity is to be expected from the suburbs like Fort Collins to the larger cities in the US. And, in that regard, Phoenix can take some pride in being the city (1,000,000+ people) with the safest driving record.

With only 9.8 years between accidents, Phoenix is just a skosh above the national average, so take pride fellow Phoenicians!

You can head over to their site and check the entire listing to see which cities ended up where, and spot a couple other Arizona locations.

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